What is Line Vision?

Did you know Vegas will ban Top performing sports bettors from their casinos? Our loss is your gain! We at Line Vision have been sports enthusiasts since birth and have over 30 years of experience! We took our love for sports and began using sensible statistics, algorithms and our proprietary analytics to give ourselves and our clients an upper hand in any of their sports betting needs. Our clients aren’t buying picks, they are investing in a proven system, that will consistently keep you in the green.


What sports are available at Line Vision?

We do not discriminate with favorite sports or teams. With Line Vision you will see the winners regardless of sport.

  • Included in our premiere packages- MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL, NHL

What is a pick?

A pick is a proposal that we provide for you to use in placing a sports bet.


How many picks are provided daily?

We do not set any limits on our picks, we simply read the numbers daily. 


 How are picks delivered to me?

Picks are dispersed via email a minimum of 1 hour before game time.


What is Line Vision’s winning percentage?

No matter the sport, our algorithm maintain's a 60%-65% on straight bets.


What is a lock?

A lock is an easy winner, it’s the play of the day.


How do I place my bet?

It’s up to you! Although we consult picks, we do not accept bets, or provide bookmaking services. By using this site, you agree the information provided within this site is for news and entertainment purposes only.