Technology in Sports Betting

Sports betting is, in many ways, the true test of sports knowledge. It often isn’t enough to know which team is going to win a game, with bettors often tasked with figuring out by how much a team will win, how many points will be scored, and many other intricacies within each contest. Fortunately, bettors today are armed with all of the statistics they could ever need to help figure out those components of wagering, with the current state of technology only helping bettors to get the information they need to make optimal decisions.

Role of statistics in sports betting

One of the first things that anyone seeking sports betting advice or looking to handicap a matchup before placing a bet wants is to know what statistical advantages exist in the picks they are on the verge of making. This is because bettors have been conditioned to expect statistical analysis in their sports betting analysis.

Sports handicapping and statistics have long had a symbiotic relationship. Statistics have long been used to help bettors win their wagers, while sports betting has made people more conscious of stats as a whole. But the role of statistics in sports betting has become more pronounced with an evolution of statistics seen throughout sports.

Evolution of statistics in sports

There was a time where statistics were simple in sports. They used to tell you facts such as how many points per game a player was scoring, or how many rebounds a player was grabbing. While those statistics still exist, they are just a drop in the bucket with how many different statistical categories there are today and how many different ways sports are measured, with a lot of that evolution being attributable to technology.

Today, in addition to stats that count up the things that have happened during a game, technology allows bettors to see beyond results. With tech companies getting into the sports analytics game, bettors can see the percent chance of success of a given play, and the number of expected scoring plays based on positioning relative to the amount of scoring that was actually done.

These advances have vastly improved the potential for more consistently accurate sports predictions, as bettors and handicappers are able to see not just scores and stats, but where those scores and stats might not be reflective of what actually happened during a game.

Timing is everything in sports betting

One of the most important aspects to having success when betting on sports is having good timing. Timing is important for many reasons, with the biggest reason being that timing can help bettors get the best possible betting odds. Whether it is getting a spread or total before it moves or getting a money line before it changes, timing is essential to being as profitable as possible when betting. And that is another area where technology has helped bettors, for two main reasons.

First, technology has allowed bettors to access the wealth of statistics that exist no matter where they are. Whether it be through desktop machines, mobile devices, or tablets, there is nowhere a bettor can’t be where they can’t get the information that they need in order to make the bets that make the most sense given what those statistics reveal.

That access to information also gives bettors the chance to place wagers wherever they are, which affords them the opportunity to get the best lines possible for their chosen wagers. Instead of having to make a phone call or wait until they get to a location with an internet connection, technology is making it easier than ever to make the best bets today rather than having to wait in order to find value and maximize profitability when betting.

How bettors use statistics to win

Winning sports picks are not just about using statistics, but using them in a way that reveals where advantages or disadvantages exist heading into a sporting event. The aforementioned example of expected results versus actual results was a great example of how sharp bettors use statistics to their advantage. But it is far from the only way that bettors can use advanced statistics that have been propelled forward by technology to gain an edge.

Each sport has their own set of advanced statistics that are either developed by the league itself or through other sources. These stats take into account things like strength of opponent and game situations in some cases, to ensure that they aren’t just a reading of numbers, but a true detailing of what teams and players performances can tell you about how they will perform in the future. Even simple statistics can be cross-referenced with information on schedule strength to give context to those numbers and make them more worthwhile for bettors in the long run.

Live betting adds another dimension

Perhaps the biggest result of the technological boom in sports betting has been the rise of live betting, which can often be a great way to find value and get lines that did not exist before the start of a game. With the ability to place bets instantly while a game is going on, and for sportsbooks to offer constantly updated odds that correspond with the action during each game, bettors now have more chances than ever to find a successful bet.

And live betting is another place where statistics can be used to a bettor’s advantage. A poor performance by an individual player or an injury to someone who accounts for a high percentage of a team’s production will undoubtedly have an impact on a game. It is up to a bettor to understand when these scenarios are taking place, and to use that information in real time in the live betting environment.

Thanks to technology and the statistical renaissance happening in and around sports, bettors have more access to information that can help them profit than ever. The task for those bettors is to put all of that information to the best use possible to take advantage of their opportunity to profit.

Ultimately, it has made it easier for sports bettors to have access to better information and data with sites like action network, Covers, Vegas Insider, or Odds Shark. In conclusion, sports handicappers and all sports bettings consultants that offer sports betting advice have a much bigger advantage against Vegas and the sportsbooks than they did 30 years ago. Now, winning sports picks and the best bets today are chosen with much more confidence because there are more sports analytics and data available today than ever before.